Lucent, charged, energetic.
And packed with heritage.

Looking back on a long history. And looking forward to a lively and dynamic work/life mix for start-up and grown-up companies in LUX Berlin.

90,000 sqm of rentable space,
4 architectural highlights,
one bright perspective.

Key facts
  • 90,000+ sqm offices
  • 1,000+ sqm storage
  • 400+ bicycle slots
  • 250+ car parks
  • 3 transport hubs


A million possibilities around
  • Location
  • Public Transport
  • Gastronomy

The neighborhood
East Side Gallery just around the corner
East Side Mall in walking distance
Fabulous events within reach
Golden hour at MediaSpree
Spree river just around the corner
Molecule Man – monumental piece of art made by Jonathan Borofsky in 1999
Night clubbing galore
Oberbaum Bridge – a true landmark of Berlin
Your hood as a way of life
Inspiring surroundings
When you wake up in a city…
…that never sleeps
A loveable neighborhood…
The Berlin Wall – history to experience
Work-Life on the fast lane
Public transport to get around quickly
Chill-out at its best
Events, hotels, no wish left unfulfilled
Enjoying life by day and night
An area for start-ups and big brands alike

ESG Standards

We believe in a greener future. That’s why we are putting everything to the test.

We design all of the LUX Berlin premises in accordance with ESG standards, and we strive for maximum CO2 minimization with great conviction and commitment. Furthermore, we ensure that all buildings have the digital infrastructure that the working world of today and tomorrow depend on.

We are currently under certification for:

A brief history of the premises

The site was built in the early 1900s. Known as the lamp city, it served as a production and administration site of Deutsche Glühlicht AG, which later became OSRAM.

After World War II, the site housed what was then known as the NARVA Kombinat, which employed more than 5,000 people. In 1963 a glassed-in continuous combustion laboratory was added onto the tower.

Between 1993 and 2000 the buildings were modernized and converted into a modern office location. Special attention was put on the preservation of the historic facades, and the tower was extended by a five-story glass structure, making it the landmark it is today.

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